Volvo "Love Matters-Eric"

Volvo commissioned Pluto to craft this touching series and harness the power of social media networks to engage and interact with their customers on a deeper level. Volvo is a brand known for its focus on quality, safety, and care for the environment and, as a result, has cultivated a strong relationship with a very loyal customer base rooted in hard-earned trust.

This video series focuses on human interest stories and highlights what matters most to Volvo customers. A first-person narrative is used by the protagonists to tell their stories, while Volvo is consistently shown throughout as an integral and steady part of their lives, playing a prominent but supporting role, as it should.

At Pluto, serving core industries and partnering with global corporations like Volvo for over two decades fuels our vision and underscores our expertise. This wealth of experience enables us to make smart decisions about content creation and consistently provide the highest caliber projects for our valued clients.


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