Chevy Corvette "Reveal Finale"

Pluto’s “Chevy Corvette Reveal Finale” video production introduces the brand new and revolutionary mid-engine 2020 model, the first of its kind by Corvette. When Pluto was asked to create a video to launch the most anticipated Corvette ever, we raced into action to produce an advertisement that honored Corvette’s heritage and racing pedigree while fueling the hype for the future of the beloved, iconic American brand.

It was a real privilege for Pluto, a full service Creative Content Studio, to pour expert editorial, epic sound design, and original motion graphics into creating a thrilling video that cranks up the excitement and more than lives up to the hype of the eighth generation Corvette’s momentous reveal.

Pluto’s video production sizzles as it showcases Corvette’s speed, style and performance and pumps up its faithful audience while igniting the passion for new customers on the horizon.


  • Editorial
  • Sound Design
  • Motion Graphics