GMC "World's Biggest Tweet"

GMC’s “World’s Biggest Tweet”

When GMC was preparing to launch its flagship full-size SUV, the Next Generation Yukon, they wanted to do something epic. So, they created the “World’s Biggest Tweet,” and Pluto was thrilled to participate. As a full-service creative content studio, Pluto contributed its expertise in automotive sound design to give the Yukon the larger-than-life introduction it deserved.

The Next Generation Yukon Denali and Yukon AT4 rose to the challenge, creating the tweet on a massive dry lake bed in Nevada, which was equal in size to about 270 football fields. A helicopter captured the striking video, showcasing the impressive power of the Yukon and making for a visually stunning ad.

Epic Sound Design

Pluto’s contribution to this campaign was the epic sound design. The team worked closely with GMC to create the perfect sound that would enhance the video and bring the entire concept to life. The goal was to create an immersive and memorable experience for viewers. Pluto used its expertise in automotive sound design to help showcase the powerful and high-tech features of the Yukon.

Full-Service Creative Content Studio

Pluto is a full-service creative content studio that specializes in creating impactful and engaging content for its clients. Their team of experts provides a range of services from animation and graphic design to web development and sound design. They work closely with their clients to execute their creative vision and achieve spectacular results.

In conclusion, The “World’s Biggest Tweet” campaign was a massive success for GMC and the Next Generation Yukon. Pluto’s automotive sound design played a significant role in making this campaign memorable and impactful. As a full-service creative content studio, Pluto is proud to have contributed to such a remarkable project, and they look forward to creating more visually stunning and engaging campaigns in the future.

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