Volvo "Love Matters-Eileen"

Pluto crafted this powerful video series to create an impactful social media campaign for Volvo, one that would engage and interact with their customers in a meaningful way. Volvo is an automotive brand synonymous with safety, quality and environmental responsibility and, as a result, has gained the respect of a very loyal customer base. Earning and maintaining those customers’ trust is at the core of their brand integrity.

Pluto’s video ad series focuses on human interest stories and highlights what matters most to Volvo customers. A first-person narrative is used by the protagonists to tell their stories, while Volvo is consistently shown throughout as an integral and steady part of their lives, playing a prominent but supporting role, as it should.

What matters most to Pluto is weaving powerful stories with stunning visuals and delivering content that is on message and on brand every time for our trusted partners, like Volvo. Volvo is an organization renowned not only for an unwavering commitment to safety but for its human centric approach to business. For Volvo’s #whatmattersmost social campaign Pluto created content that catches the eye, penetrates the heart and remains with the viewer long after the videos are over.


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