THF “Lego Architecture”

Pluto created a compelling advertising video, including CG animation and sound design production, to promote the Lego Architecture exhibit at Henry Ford Museum.

Using regular, out of the box Lego bricks, these impressive models of iconic buildings were designed and built by Chicago based lego artist/prodigy and engineer by trade, Adam Reed Tucker.

The Towering Ambition LEGO® Architecture exhibit featured a number of innovative buildings, like The Empire State Building. St. Louis’ Gateway Arch, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, all masterful recreations of legendary symbols of modern architecture and some as tall as 18 feet.

Pluto was thrilled to be commissioned to create a cool animated video ad to promote and capture the excitement surrounding this awe-inspiring and monumental exhibit. In putting our CG capabilities, sound skills, and post-production expertise to work on this project, we hoped to do justice to the magnitude of creativity, imagination, and innovation on display at Henry Ford Museum.


  • CGI
  • Sound Design