State of Michigan / MEDC "Brand Video"

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is a public-private partnership dedicated to promoting economic growth and job creation in Michigan. The MEDC works with businesses, communities, and entrepreneurs to help them grow and thrive in Michigan. Pluto created the following Animated Brand Video.

To promote the services of the MEDC, the organization turned to Pluto, a Detroit-based animation studio, to create an animated brand video. Pluto has a strong reputation for creating engaging and informative videos, and has worked with a variety of large, global companies clients.

The animated brand video created by Pluto for the MEDC highlights the various services and resources available to Michigan businesses through the organization. The video showcases how the MEDC can help businesses with everything from funding and grants to site selection and workforce development.

The video also highlights the many success stories of Michigan businesses that have worked with the MEDC. Animated characters representing real-life Michigan businesses are featured in the video, showcasing how the MEDC has helped them grow and succeed.

Overall, the animated brand video created by Pluto for the MEDC is an effective marketing tool that highlights the organization’s many services and resources. The video is engaging and informative, and effectively communicates the benefits of working with the MEDC.

The MEDC’s partnership with Pluto is just one example of how the organization is using innovative marketing strategies, like Animated Brand Video, to promote economic growth in Michigan. By working with creative and talented partners like Pluto, the MEDC is able to effectively showcase the many benefits of doing business in Michigan, and help Michigan businesses grow and thrive.



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