Total Health Care "Affordable Care Act FAQ"


Pluto’s Success in Healthcare Industry Animation and Web Development

Pluto Creative Content Studio has long been a leader in creating high-quality animated videos for a variety of industries. When Total Health Care needed a tutorial animation and website design, Pluto’s expertise in the healthcare industry animation proved to be the perfect match for the job.

Creating a Comprehensive Web Presence

To complete this enormous Affordable Care Act project, Pluto created over 75 web pages for Total Health Care, MIChild, and Medicaid. The team at Pluto was responsible for designing and programming these pages, which provided critical information and access to services for end-users. In addition, the developers at Pluto utilized HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to create responsive. For that reason, the site could accommodate all devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Responsive Design for All Devices

Pluto’s team also used WordPress Content Management System and a Cross-Platform, adaptive design with Multi-Browser Support. This ensured that users of all types could access the website from their preferred device without any issues.

Custom Features to Meet Specific Needs

Pluto’s developers also created custom features to meet the specific needs of Total Health Care. These features included a Secure Single Sign-On, Custom “User Filtering” Plugin Development for Member, Provider, Employer, Agent + Pharmacy, Custom Panel Builder, and Animated Page Content.

Meeting Industry Standards

Pluto followed the guidelines set by leading healthcare accreditation organization NCQA and MDCH to build the website. The result was a site that met all industry standards and provided an exceptional user experience.

Overall, Pluto’s healthcare industry animation and web development capabilities have proven to be an excellent resource for organizations in the healthcare industry. Pluto has help healthcare providers by creating high-quality animated videos and designing websites. All in all, they’ve provided a way to better communicate their messages and services to their audience.

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