Healthcare Advertising Campaign: A Look at Highmark’s Animated Broadcast Ads

As the healthcare industry evolves, companies must adapt and find new ways to communicate with their target audiences. One effective way to achieve this is through advertising campaigns. In fact, Highmark Inc. recently commissioned Pluto to produce an animated broadcast healthcare advertising campaign. The intent was to educate its audience on the acquisition and rebranding of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

What is Highmark’s Healthcare Advertising Campaign?

Highmark’s healthcare advertising campaign is a prime example of how companies can leverage advertising to communicate complex ideas. Highmark aims to educate its audience on the rebranding efforts while emphasizing the consistency of its BCBS brand affiliation. Consequently, the campaign has helped increase brand awareness and recognition.

Why Pluto Was Chosen to Create the Campaign

Highmark chose Pluto to create the campaign based on its expertise in producing high quality, creative, and impactful video content. The company’s goal was to create engaging and informative ads. Secondly, these ads would help achieve marketing and growth goals while educating its audience on the acquisition and rebranding efforts. Lastly, by working closely with Highmark, Pluto was able to bring the campaign’s vision to life. The results were visually stunning and emotionally resonant ads that brought Highmark’s brand to life.

How the Animated Ads Were Created

The animated ads that Pluto created for Highmark have had a significant impact on the company’s marketing efforts. They have helped increase brand recognition and awareness while educating the audience on the company’s rebranding efforts. Ultimately, the healthcare advertising campaign has helped Highmark achieve its marketing and growth goals by engaging audiences in a way that is both informative and entertaining.

In conclusion, Highmark’s healthcare advertising campaign is an excellent example of how companies can use animated ads to communicate complex ideas and messaging to their audiences. By leveraging storytelling and animation, companies can engage and resonate with their target audiences, ultimately leading to increased brand recognition and growth.

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