GMC "Like A Pro"

Pluto, a full-service creative content studio, delivered expert creative editorial, epic sound design, and stellar motion graphics in this powerful GMC ‘Like a Pro’ broadcast video advertisement.

Pluto’s striking video ad delivers captivating branded content introducing the all-new GMC Terrain, the compact SUV that ‘packs a punch like a champ’ and is ‘mighty like a pro,’ proving ‘bigger doesn’t mean stronger’. Highlighting the strength, power, and style encompassed in the compact Terrain SUV, Pluto’s “Like a Pro” video ad underscores GMC’s ‘We Are Professional Grade’ value statement. Pluto’s video hits the mark, capturing the spirit of passion, illustrating the core values of exceptionally high production standards, and emphasizing the professional-grade reputation of the unparalleled GMC line while strengthening the emotional bond between customers and their GMC trucks and SUVs.

As a trusted partner for legendary clients like GMC, Pluto is dedicated to crafting creative content, harnessing visual storytelling, and delivering compelling video production that authentically connects to the audience and leaves a lasting impression.


  • Editorial
  • Sound Design
  • Motion Graphics