GMC "Carbon Pro" Longform

Pluto’s broadcast video advertisement for GMC’s revolutionary CarbonPro truck bed explores what happens when the new GMC truck, designed for extreme durability and functionality, faces the ultimate test. The ‘CarbonPro vs Hurricane’ longform video demonstrates the superior strength of the GMC CarbonPro truck bed as various projectiles are hurled at it, propelled by hurricane-force winds. The results of the tests were astounding and the tough, corrosion-resistant GMC truck fared beautifully. The GMC truck was unfazed by the massive projectiles, which bounced off and rebounded without causing scratches, dents, or structural damage.

Pluto, a full-service creative content studio, delivered captivating creative editorial, phenomenal sound design, and best-in-class VFX to make this epic video ad introducing the CarbonPro for General Motors. As entertaining as it is informative, this video underscores GM’s marketing message, ”if it can handle a hurricane, it can handle you”, turning hyperbole into reality and proving that GMC trucks really can withstand most anything.”


  • Editorial
  • VFX
  • Sound Design