"Mustang Customizer Animation"

Full-Service Video Agency Creates Motion Graphics Video for Ford Mustang Customizer Contest

A Full-Service Video Agency, Pluto, recently partnered with Ford to create a motion graphics video promoting the Mustang Customizer Contest. The video showcased the contest’s sweepstakes, giving four lucky winners a chance to win a Mustang V6, GT, Boss, or Shelby GT500 based on their custom designs.

Developing the Video

Launching the “Battle for Your Dream Mustang” contest, Pluto developed a fast-paced, animated video. It therefore highlighted the revamped Mustang Customizer functionality. The video was both informative and entertaining, capturing the excitement and creativity of the competition.

Pluto’s Approach to the Contest

Pluto’s team also had a blast producing the advertising video. Using their skills to create compelling visuals and animations they showcased the Mustang’s unique features. The customizer promotion also helped build anticipation for the contest. It also showcased the car’s capabilities in a fun and interactive way.

The Success of the Video

The video was well-received by Ford and its audience, creating significant engagement and interest in the competition. With its bold graphics, smooth animation, and clear messaging, Pluto’s video played an important role in the success of the Mustang Customizer Contest.

The Power of a Full-Service Video Agency

In conclusion, Pluto’s work on the Mustang Customizer Contest highlights the power of a Full-Service Video Agency. They are proven at creating compelling visual content that captures the spirit of a brand or product. That is to say, Pluto can help businesses like Ford showcase their products in exciting ways, driving interest and engagement among consumers.


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  • Sound Design