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Mustache Power

Honoring Creative Talent at the D Show Award Ceremony

Pluto created a creative short film for The D Show Award Ceremony. It has been an essential part of Detroit’s creative community for over a decade. This event recognizes the amazing range and abundance of creative talent in Detroit. Adcon created this award show as a veritable celebration of creativity, honoring deserving artists in the fields of advertising, design, production, post-production, digital, and all forms of emerging media.

Creative Short Films take the Spotlight

One of the highlights of the D Show is the recognition of the Creative Short Film. These short films are an excellent way for artists to showcase their talents and creativity. They are fun, engaging, and deliver a powerful message in a short amount of time. The Creative short film are also an excellent way for artists to demonstrate their skills in areas such as cinematography, editing, visual effects, sound design, and more.

Pluto’s Award-Winning Creative Short Film

At the D Show award ceremony, Pluto was thrilled to receive the Best-of-Craft Award for Mustache Power! This Creative short film was a lot of fun to make and showcases Pluto’s creative capabilities. The video production was shot, edited, and delivered by Pluto, featuring VFX & sound design that complemented the amusing and clever short film.

Celebrating Creativity in Detroit

The D Show award ceremony is an excellent opportunity for artists and creators to come together and celebrate their accomplishments. The recognition and appreciation of creative talent in Detroit are critical in fostering a thriving creative community. By recognizing and honoring the hard work and talent of creative individuals, the D Show is helping to inspire future generations of artists and creators in Detroit.

Supporting the Creative Community

If you are passionate about creative short films and want to support Detroit’s creative community, consider attending the D Show award ceremony. Together, we can help to create a thriving creative community in Detroit and support the next generation of talented artists and creators.


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  • Editorial
  • Sound Design