Buick "Paparazzi"

The Buick ‘Paparazzi’ commercial starring comedic Hollwood actor Max Greenfield and the all-new Buick LaCrosse really drives home Buick’s brand message in an effective and entertaining way. The delightful video ad puts the full-size luxury sedan’s razer sharp handling and sleek style on full display, as Max Greenfield uses it as his getaway vehicle to evade the relentless pursuit of the paparazzi, which in a surprising twist turns out to be his mom.

Max Greenfield wields his charm in this Buick commercial with expert VFX, superior sound & clever creative editorial by Pluto, bolstering Buick’s new modern image appealing to a younger, sophisticated market audience.

Pluto, a full-service creative content studio, thoroughly enjoyed creating and producing first-class content for this memorable broadcast video ad showcasing Buick’s newly redesigned luxury sedan. Using tongue-in-cheek humor to promote the enviable LaCrosse features, this ad leaves the audience with a good laugh and a great impression.


  • Editorial
  • Sound Design
  • VFX