Buick “Confidence”

Pluto, a full-service creative content studio, was thrilled to deliver a myriad of first-class post-production services, creative editorial, sound design & VFX for this hilarious Buick Envision video ad starring Hollywood actor Max Greenfield. In the “Confidence” video ad, Max Greenfield discusses the importance of confidence for an actor and how he manages to keep his sky-high … by sending himself motivational messages of encouragement with the help of the Apple CarPlay™ feature in his high-tech Buick LaCrosse.

With popular personality Max Greenfield on board as a brand ambassador, Buick continues to find novel formats and humorous ways to share its incredible luxury range of cars, while reaching new audiences and cementing its position as the upscale and approachable automotive company. Focusing on brand communication within the digital space and social platforms, Buick’s clever marketing campaign broadens its reach to younger buyers in an entertaining and memorable way.


  • Editorial
  • Sound Design
  • VFX