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Audi 360 Experience

The Pluto-designed CG Audi 360 environment at the Denver International Airport is an example of Audi’s commitment to innovation and technology. The immersive virtual reality experience allows viewers to experience a shortened version of the ride from the airport to Vail, complete with experiential sound design and stunning visuals created using Mograph. This installation not only entertains and educates viewers but also serves as a testament to Audi’s success as a company that constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the automotive industry.

The Audi

Audi is a German luxury car manufacturer that has been producing high-quality vehicles for over a century. The company was founded in 1909 by August Horch and was originally called “A. Horch & Cie.” However, after a disagreement with the board of directors, Horch left the company and founded a new one, which he called “Audi.” The name “Audi” is Latin for “listen” and is derived from the founder’s last name, which means “hark” or “listen” in German.

Audi’s early years were marked by success in motorsports, including a victory at the International Austrian Alpine Rally in 1912. However, the company faced financial difficulties during World War I and was forced to merge with three other automakers to form “Auto Union.” During the 1930s, Auto Union dominated Grand Prix racing with its advanced racing cars, which were powered by supercharged engines.

After World War II, Auto Union’s factories were located in Soviet-controlled East Germany, and the company struggled to regain its pre-war success. In 1958, Auto Union was acquired by Volkswagen, which began producing Audi-branded cars in the 1960s. Since then, Audi has become known for its innovative designs and advanced technology, including its famous “quattro” all-wheel-drive system.

In recent years, Audi has focused on developing electric and hybrid vehicles as part of its commitment to sustainability. The company has also invested heavily in autonomous driving technology and has partnered with tech companies such as Nvidia and Qualcomm to develop the necessary software and hardware.

Overall, Audi’s long history is a testament to its dedication to innovation, quality, and performance. As the company continues to evolve and adapt to changing technologies and consumer preferences, it is sure to remain a leading player in the global automotive market.

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