Ford "Mobility" for CES

How Pluto’s Animated Trade Show Video Impacted Ford’s Presentation at CES

Ford Motor Co needed a captivating video for its CES trade show presentation on The Future of Mobility. Pluto was called in to create an animated trade show video for Ford.

Ford’s Innovation Initiative

Ford’s announcement at CES focused on its Smart Mobility Plan and 25 global experiments aimed at changing the way the world moves. Pluto’s video depicted Ford’s innovation initiative, which involved enhancing connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, customer experience, and big data.

Expert Animation Skills

Pluto’s expertise in computer graphics and animation made it possible to create an informative yet entertaining video that conveyed Ford’s message effectively. To that end, the video highlighted Ford’s commitment to addressing transportation challenges in the world today.

Informative and Entertaining

Pluto’s animated trade show video was designed to be informative, yet also entertaining. With attention to Ford’s message, it engaged viewers and made them excited about the company’s new initiatives.

Supporting Ford’s Announcement

The video was an important part of Ford’s CES corporate presentation, supporting the announcement of its Smart Mobility Plan and 25 global experiments. What’s more, the video helped to highlight the importance of Ford’s new initiatives and their potential to transform the future of mobility.

To summarize, Pluto’s animated trade show video for Ford was a success. It effectively conveyed Ford’s message about its new initiatives in a way that engaged viewers and supported the company’s announcement at CES. Together with the video’s high-quality animation and attention to detail, it undoubtedly made it a standout component of Ford’s presentation.

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