HR Block “Second Look”


How Pluto Brought H&R Block’s Services to Life with an Animated Promotional Video

H&R Block, a leading tax firm in America, approached Pluto to create an animated promotional video for tax season. Pluto’s creative team was passionate about bringing the brand to life through design, animation, and audio.

Infusing Excitement into Taxes

Pluto’s team has a talent for creating engaging content, even for everyday topics like taxes. To emphasize this, the animated video showcased the benefits of using an H&R Block tax preparer. The video featured the H&R Block Second Look® Tax Review, which ensures that clients don’t miss out on potential refunds.

Branding with Energy

Pluto’s approach was to create a fun, lighthearted video that delivered the information in a strongly branded manner. The video’s design, animation, and audio were all created with H&R Block’s brand in mind.

Explaining Tax Perks

To illustrate, the video explained how H&R Block’s tax preparers can help clients find every deduction and credit possible. It also showed how H&R Block guarantees maximum refund amounts and accuracy in their tax returns.

Making Taxes Easy

Pluto’s video emphasized how H&R Block’s tax preparers can make the tax process less daunting for clients. The video also showed how H&R Block offers year-round support, including audit assistance, and how their online tax preparation software is easy to use.

To summarize, Pluto’s animated promotional video for H&R Block’s services was a success. The video showcased the benefits of using H&R Block’s tax preparers, while also making the tax process less intimidating. All in all, the video’s engaging design, animation, and audio created a strongly branded message that resonated with viewers.

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