Man! That feels good!

Why does helping people feel so good? Like really, seriously, good?
Why is it, that the good feeling gets even better when the help is doing good work, with good people for a good cause?
…just an overuse of the word ‘Good’ and a few more of life’s unanswerable questions.

What we do know, is that we generally hate to brag or boast (we find it tacky) and as good deed do-ers we expect no praise.
However, we are willing to make an exception in this case. We think the message is worth sharing and the cause needs your help, more than it needed ours.

We are proud to have been involved with the charitable folks at GSP Detroit and their client Alternatives for Girls.
AFG is a Detroit-based nonprofit, who, since 1987 has provided critical services to girls and young women, including safe shelter, street outreach, educational support, vocational guidance, mentoring, prevention activities, and counseling. Their goal is to empower girls and young women to make positive choices and to avoid violence, teen pregnancy and exploitation. They help them to explore and access the support, resources and opportunities necessary to be safe, to grow strong and to make positive choices in their lives.

If that’s not a good cause, we don’t know what a good cause is.
Please, feel free to read more about AFG and their good-deed doings and if you feel compelled to help… then we’ve done our jobs.

Client – AFG
Agency – Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
People – Rick Dennis, Jaimie McCarthy, Shanky Das, Patrick O’Brien

Motion – Ian Sigmon
Picture – Pluto
Sound – Grant Castleberry
Finish – Zack Jacobs
Executive Producer – Christine Sheridan

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