Jeep, and more Jeep!

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This latest Jeep campaign was graced with the talents of not one, but two of our favorite Spotwelders!
Brad Waskewich and Dahkil Hausif each handled a spot for Global Hue and the results are fantastic.

We could talk more about our amazing workflow which made the transition from offline to finish a breeze,
but we’d rather brag about the spots themselves… YES. That is Brian Cranston.
Yes, that is Common and YEP… you’re singing along with John Legend. Jeep is where it’s at.

Good on ya, Global Hue!

Global Hue
Chief Creative Officer: Vida Cornelious
VP Creative Director: Dolph Kawalec
Copywriter: Brent Blair
Art Director: Michael Craighead
VP Executive Producer: Cathy Antoniello
Business Manager: Julie Smith
VP/Account Director: Dennis Castillo
Management Supervisor: Tom Shanahan
Account Executive: Estefania Calvachi
Senior Project: Specialist Dan Hogan

Edit: Brad Waskewich, Dahkil Hausif
Senior Producer: Amanda Slammin
Executive Producer: Joanne Ferraro

VFX + Finish: Zack Jacobs
Audio Engineer: Matt Downey
Technical Operations: Hans VanDerMaas
Executive Producer: Christine Sheridan
Creative Director: Dave Corbett

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