Chevy + Pluto = Made for TV Magic

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“Your local friendly Chevrolet Dealer, selling the American dream.
Walk in, see what we mean! AMERICA’S FAVORITE CAR COMPANY!!”

Have you ever wondered what really happens in a car dealership? Goodby, Silverstein & Partners hopes so! Chevy’s latest campaign saw GSP team up with Randall Einhorn (Director of “The Office”) to produce a series of spots and videos that break away from the tradition of local retail advertising to share the trials and tribulations of a made for TV dealership family. GSP made certain Chevy’s Truck Month + Fuel Economy deals were being expressed while utilizing Einhorn’s comic influence and struck the perfect balance between being entertained and being sold to. To sum it up with an abundance of puns: GSP cast the crew at Pluto to make sure the spots were camera ready before airing…

Pluto handled all finish and audio work – VFX + Cleanup, Digital Color Grading, Sound Design, Mix and Motion Graphics. With an initial count of 18x TV, 6x Social, 6x Longform and 4x Radio spots, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Pluto’s shared storage system and streamlined workflow allowed all of the artists to work seamlessly, which on a project of this size, is an integral element for maximum efficiently. Timelines and footage being shared across rooms with no transferring and no copying made for a drama free experience. And when you’re working on comedic spots… less drama means more time for laughs!!

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Detroit 
ECD: Ralph Watson
Copywriter: Michael Illick, Latasha Ewell, Merrit Fritchie
Executive Producer:  Jamie McCarthy
Producer: Chad Emerson
Account: Jacqueline Redmond
BA: Lisa Trevethan, Deborah McCauley

VFX + Finish: Zack Jacobs
Finish: Chris Rosik
Motion Graphics: Ian Sigmon
Audio Engineer: Grant Castleberry, Warren Munsey
Color Grading: Colin Travers
Executive Producer: Christine Sheridan

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