“What’s Up” with Natasha?! Facebook Pokes.

The Elusive Facebook Poke… what does it mean? I don’t know about you, but whenever I get poked, I’m confused. (Even typing it feels kinda skeevy to me) Anyways… when that little FB notification ring chimes “You’ve been poked” I feel a little creeped out. And then to make matters worse, not only do I have to figure out what the person means by the poke, I have to weigh the implications of poking back. I consider myself a lady so I just don’t feel comfortable poking on command, but I also don’t want to come off as though I’m ignoring a simple hello!

So, today I said, enough is enough… It’s time to find some answers and see if maybe I’m just a little jaded. Am I the only one bothered by being poked out of the blue? So, my first thought was to seek out answers on the ever reliant Google… To my surprise, I found pages upon pages of inquiring minds asking the same question…

At first glance, it looked like the majority of sites claimed that poking is just pure, clean fun… that I should get over my feelings of creepiness… A poke is a simple nudge, a hey, what’s up, or I’m thinking of you gesture… But, still I think to myself, Well, why not just write me a message or post on my wall: “Hey, thinkin about you” “Hope you’re good” Why must you have to go and poke me? Especially if you’ve just met me!

But, upon further investigation I started finding confirmation that I wasn’t the only one weirded out by this FB phenomenon… Heck, a Tennessee woman was ARRESTED for poking another woman on FB! And word to the wise, if you befriend a Zimbabwean on FB, the slang “poke” means to have sex in Zimbabwe, so I’m just sayin!!

I suppose I find a bit of solace knowing that you cannot poke the same person twice unless they have returned your first poke or they’ve hidden it. Still… To poke or not to poke – That is the question.

I defer to my new boss, DC who has this sage advice – “Well if it’s the wrong poke from the wrong person, it can be unsettling. Or if its an unexpected poke, or uninvited even worse.”

I couldn’t agree more!

Natasha is the resident flamenco dancing fashionista and latest addition to the sales team at Pluto.

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